Celebrating Jazz

Happy Birthday, Jazz!
Yesterday we celebrated my adorable husband’s birthday. We went to the lake and baked on the boat. Some people surfed and wake boarded. Some people (no names) just sat in their life jackets and ate yogurt-puffs. Some people (again, no names) got a few more freckles, courtesy of the sun. We scarfed some burrito bandito, ate some cake, and called it a night. Perfection.
Friday night we went out sans baby for delicious Chinese food and to see Inception. People, you must must must see this movie. It totally blew my mind into bits. Amazering. Ahhh-maze-er-ing.
I surprised Jazz with tickets to fly back east in September to visit his family and see his hometown of Danville. He was totally surprised, and that doesn’t happen too often. I’m super excited, I’ve never been to visit PA with Jazz, and I’m anxious to meet everyone. Jazz hasn’t been home in six years, so we are overdue for a visit. So hey Penn people, we will be in the area September 15th for a few days.
I’m kind of sad that birthday month is over now. Unless we can call it Birthday Summer? YES I LIKE IT.
Jazz at ten months.
To my Jazzy, Happy Birthday. I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Jazz

  1. Happy Birthday Jazz! Way to go on surprising him with that awesome gift. I bet he is so excited. No pictures from boating?!?!


  2. totally agree with Inception….BRILLIANT!!!


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