Father’s Day

I know it’s 8 PM and Father’s Day is mostly over but I’ve been spending the day with some favorite men in my life and it’s hard to blog when you are busy being with awesome people. That being said.

To my father: Thanks for my chocolate brown eyes, for my thick head of hair, and for the obsessive gene we all seem to carry. Thanks for teaching me how to take care and make things last, how to treat my spouse, and how to make toffee and scotchies.

To my father-in-law: Thank you for raising a boy to be a sensitive and caring man. For teaching him to be kind and to be selfless, for showing him to be accepting and loving. I will forever be grateful.

To my husband: Thank you for preparing to be a father long before I met you. Thanks for holding my hand during Isabelle’s delivery, you were right- everything turned out just fine. Thank you for getting out of bed to feed her when she wakes up a bazillion times a night. Thank you for being patient when I am frustrated or angry or upset with a situation. I am so lucky you chose me to be the mother of your children. I could literally not do this whole parenting thing without you.

Happy Father’s Day!

(She is so small- I miss that newborn stage!)

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