Today is one of those days where I just can’t get anything done. I’ve got laundry piled in the living room, Isabelle is only happy if she is chewing on my cell phone, there’s stuff to get in the mail, and I won’t tell you how long it’s been since I vacuumed my house. My to-do list keeps growing and growing and nothing is being checked off. Does anyone else have these kind of days?

In other news- my Driod works…the rice sucked all of the water out and it works PERFECTLY. I was shocked really. If anything of yours falls into water, pull the battery immediately, and put everything in an open container of white rice. Wait five days, and voila. Good as new.

I’m not sure what to think about So You Think You Can Dance this season. I love seeing the past dancers, but you don’t really get to talk to them or see what they are up to. I absolutely hate the tap dancer, she makes me want to sit on my own eyeballs. And I’m so glad our prayers were answered and Mary Murphy is G to the ONE. No more bleeding ears! Suck on that, hot tamale train! The Asian Dude (as he shall be known) from the Miami ballet totally owns the show, he is way better than anything we’ve ever seen. Probably the most compelling reason to watch every week is Cat Deely. She is six feet of awesome.

Isabelle is growing like a weed. She’s been so small, and now she is just mowing down food and beverages, leaving a wake of empty bowls and messy bibs. I’ve been making all of her baby food myself, and I can hardly keep up. Some pajamas she has only worn once or twice, and then I put her in them again and her little toes are squished against the footsie part. Good thing she has like a bazillion other pairs.

I miss my sisters.

I started this blog like four six hours ago and I keep trying to finish it. Isabelle is chewing on my laptop cord so I better go.

3 thoughts on “tidbits.

  1. “she makes me want to sit on my own eyeballs.” Bwwaaahahahahah!!! You kill me.


  2. Cool about the rice! Never would have thought! Have a marvelous weekend!


  3. My tidibt is that we miss you! When are you going to come visit? 🙂 Don't you miss Utah? Yea that your phone works!


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