What the WHAT.

I know I should be packing. Or cleaning. Or folding laundry. Or doing the one million other things I have to do before Friday at 6 AM- but I saw this and could not stop thinking about it. Totally trumps my list of potential posts.

Introducing, the Chum Buddy! For just TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, you too can pretend you are being eaten by a giant seven foot shark while you sleep. It also doubles as a child friendly stuffed animal, super plush and all hand sewn! I can’t decide if this is ridiculous, or awesome. Ridiculous..awesome…ridiculous…yeah, it’s ridiculous. Who thought of the name ‘chum buddy.’

I MEAN REALLY. I love sharks and everything, seriously- I’m the first one to set my tivo for Shark Week every year, but come on.

Wait, now it is kind of awesome. You can put it over your head? Dang, that is more awesome than ridiculous. And it’s a sleeping bag? Well, that is useful. Crap, another vote for awesome. Maybe I will find one of these bad boys in Maui.

We leave Friday morning and I am super excited. Well, not particularly about the 6-hour plane ride with my infant, but other than, SUPER EXCITED. Ten days of sunshine and food and sand and family (if we don’t get voted off of the airplane mid-pacific ocean). Tomorrow is packing, cleaning and last minute errands. I don’t know why we pack anything at all. Izzie will just wear diapers the whole week. We will just be in swimming suits and pajamas. This should be simple!

I’ll keep an eye out for a Chum Buddy. If you need one, lemme know, I’ll pick an extra one up for you.

4 thoughts on “What the WHAT.

  1. That thing is crazy. It has nightmares for kids written all over it! Have so much fun in Maui!


  2. that is a little disturbing


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