Happy Mother’s Day

Yesterday, Mom and I spent hours upon hours consignment shopping and checking antique stores. We went to every thrift store in town, pouring over dusty frames, vintage buttons and weird abandoned junk. We scored some awesome treasures and with our bags in tow, returned to our menfolk late in the day. It was one of the greatest days of my whole life. Mom- I hope in twenty years, Isabelle will want to hang out with me like I want to hang out with you.
Today I woke up to beautiful flowers and a colorful canvas printed with my baby’s tiny feet. We went to church, had lunch at my parents house, and then took a delicious nap. I really like this Mother’s Day business. It’s kind of like having a birthday, just in the spring time.

I was going through some old photos and found this one of my mom with Sabrina and Morgan. This is just a regular ol’ day at the Sumsion house. Kids playing nicely, clean house, mom dressed up like one of the Village People. If there is one thing my mom has taught me, it’s that every day is the perfect day for a party.

I think this Mother’s Day I appreciate my mom more than ever. I appreciate the diaper changes and the late nights, the sick days and the spit up. Every year I know I will appreciate her more and more, as I experience my own sick days and late nights. Thanks Mom, you are the best. And also, you look excellent in a hard hat. Happy Mother’s Day.

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. You have the best mom! Isabelle is also so lucky to have you as a mom. Being a mother is the greatest in the world!


  2. Seriously Micci, the next time you and your mom do a thrift store run, COUNT ME IN! It's totally one of my favorite things to do. Lori's on Park Marina is one of my favs.Quilt shops and thrift stores – no town should be without them. I find them wherever I go.Isabelle is beautiful, BTW.Lisa


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