Steppin’ Out

Need something really super fun to do in the next two weeks? The Redding Dance Project is putting on their spring show entitled “Steppin’ Out.” This production is massive. I’m not kidding, 30+ dancers, 10 amazing singers, backdrops and costumes and music, oh my. It’s a collection of songs from favorite Broadway shows and Hollywood movies including Mary Poppins, A Chorus Line, In the Heights, The Color Purple, Nine- seriously it would be impossible for you not to enjoy yourself.

My mom has once again totally and completely outdone herself as the Costume Director. Imagine coordinating 40 people for like ten+ numbers. It’s huge! She has been measuring and ordering and hemming and ironing and bedazzling and glizting everything for months now. I went over to the house the other day and she had accidentally hot glued sequins to the dog. Just kidding! They don’t even have a dog.

The show is appropriate for all ages- in fact our niece Madilyn is almost two and she was mesmerized the whole show. A two year old! Sat still! For two hours! Right there-totally worth it to bring your kids.

Keep your eyes open for all of the headpieces and hats- Mom’s specialty, and also my brother Scott who is moonlighting as one of the male singers. I have to say this is the only logical time I have ever seen my brother wear make up. I’ve been to see a few of the final dress rehearsals and wow. It is such a polished and high caliber show, we really are lucky to have something so fantastic in our little area. Just a quick note about my mom- she volunteers her time to head up the costume department. It turns out to be hundreds and hundreds and zillions of hours. She loves theater, she loves fashion, she loves design. This is what she does best. Downstairs in the greenroom she is completely in her element- everybody loves to be around Cindy, she is the life of the party. If you aren’t careful, you might mistake her for one of the young dancers- she’s just that cool.

“Hmm. Jana’s skirt needs hemming.”

The show runs though March 27th. Tickets are $15-25 and $10 for children and are available at the Cascade Theater box office or can be purchased online here. Come out and support your local arts!

2 thoughts on “Steppin’ Out

  1. If your mom had hot glued sequins to a dog, it would have been on purpose.


  2. I wish we lived closer so that we could see it. It sounds amazing. From what you say your mom does amazing things…It all makes sense as to where you get your talent.


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