Spring Sewing, Part 2

So, I’ve always been a fan of Etsy and they have some really, really cute baby accessories. I was looking through zillions of items one day and I thought. Hmm. I could make that. So I did. I may have gotten a little carried away though- I didn’t realize how many bows I had made until I went to take pictures of them. And I have infinitely more material to make EVEN MORE OF THEM. Turns out, making crap yourself is a lot cheaper than buying other people’s handmade crap. Who knew?

Most of them are sewn by hand using wool felt, fabric, and ribbon. Oh and tulle- every baby needs some tulle. Then I just got some plain metal clips, covered them with ribbon and hot glued them to the bow. Interchangeable!

Special thanks to my adorable and readily available baby model, Isabelle. I will pay you in sweet potatoes and/or kisses.

Have a favorite?

10 thoughts on “Spring Sewing, Part 2

  1. These are adorable, you did a great job!


  2. Isabelle is so adorable as are you bows!


  3. Favorites: #1, #9, #11, and # all of them.


  4. adorable! I love them! I've made some stuff, but nothing that cute!


  5. Are you going to sell any of the thousands you've made? I will have two new neices soon that need bows.


  6. Love the top right one, probably cause the model is eating her cute little finger.


  7. look at you miss crafty! i wish i was there cutting and glueing and playing. they are all just adorable. i like the single big pink flower a lot. and i like the others too.


  8. I like #8! Even though I dont like pink, I like #8! 🙂 It just works. Your all crafty! Love it. Rub off on me will ya?


  9. teach meeeeeeeeee please!!!! you re super good


  10. i want a tutorial on every one of them! with a 2nd girl waiting in the wings, i need as many as possible! & she is GORGEOUS, mind you. seriously love the dark eyes!


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