2 months

Dear Sweet Isabelle,

Little Isabelle, yesterday you turned two months. You are getting a little bit bigger and stronger every day! You are learning to smile and to sit up and use your neck muscles- you are growing so much! Your eyelashes are full and long and your little toes look like tiny grapes from Mom’s summer garden. You can grab on to things now, anything in your reach- my shirt or your pacifier or a burpie. You still love to be swaddled tightly, and you love to be rocked to sleep.

Yesterday we went to the pediatricians for your well visit. You are a petite 9 pounds, 8 ounces and you are 22 inches long! That puts you in about the 25% percentile for your growth. You are so cute and miniature and we are so thankful you are healthy.

Izzie, you should know how much your father loves and adores you. He carefully bathes you and puts lotion on your little body, he changes your diapers, he holds you tightly in his big arms. He laughs at your funny faces and rocks you when you cry. I love him more now than ever and I could not ask for a better partner in parenting.

Just in the last few days you have learned to smile. We smile our big goofy faces at you and you light up right back at us- and a little piece of my heart explodes for you. Isabelle, I had no idea what my life would be like after you arrived. I knew it would be different, I knew things would change, but I didn’t really know how much. I usually fight change, I am such a creature of habit. But you are the most wonderful change I have ever experienced.

Sometimes you fall asleep on my shoulder, your little face turned towards my chin. Your mouth pops open when you are in a deep sleep, and I can feel your warm sweet breath on my skin. These are moments I wish I could save and put in a jar for when you are all grown up and you no longer fit on my shoulder. I’m so thankful, grateful, excited, thrilled to be your mother, and to share these moments with you.



2 thoughts on “2 months

  1. She is so precious!! happy 2 months


  2. OMG she's just so adorable! We just celebrated two months as well and are thankful for the smiles too! THey are just so cute.


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