Our Holiday Week

WHAT has HAPPENED to my BLOG. I mean, really, one update in a week? Pitiful. It’s like I’m busy or something! Okay true I’m busy but I miss my blog, so I’m back in the saddle.

Our trip to California was a SUCCESS. Isabelle did so well in the car, I think she was less cranky than me by the end of it! (I hate that drive.) The 12-hour drive was definitely worth it, we had a great week with our family.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Feast with friends and family, complete with a tasty deep fried turkey. Delish!

Isabelle met Aunt JaNae and cousin Madilyn

And Aunt Francie (Her battery powered hat moves around and sings. awesome.)

We put on our fancys and went to the Cascade Christmas show

Where we all watched Scott and Mom perform a fantastic holiday show

Madilyn really enjoyed the leaves outside (Love her boots. I mean, really?)

And I think we wore little Isabelle out. Yes I know her suit is huge on her but it kept her warm!

We also ate a lot of food, played some games, hit up the burrito bandito, and watched some holiday movies. Really, what more could we ask for?

5 thoughts on “Our Holiday Week

  1. It looks like a ton of fun Mic! I just love your family and I bet that show is fantastic. One year I will see it.


  2. Glad you survived the drive. That show your mom and brother are in looks fantastic! I am sure everyone was in love with Isabelle!


  3. what a fun trip. It's always the best to be with family. I love all Isabelle's little outfits too. And Micci, I totally want to make some of those burp cloths, so you'll have to tell me how! I saw them at the Quilted Bear when I was in Utah and they look easy to make, I just can't figure out exactly how. šŸ™‚


  4. If I can make the burp cloths anyone can! So easy and cute. I washed mine 3 times after cutting the edging to the seam. My niece LOVES them and wants me to make more for her. PS: Isabelle is adorable.


  5. Mic, I totally am honored to be in your blog (Really wish I had put on make up. Really) So fun to see all your other pics…love the ones of Madilyn with Izzzzz.I can't wait for you to be back at Christmas….I'm so jazzed to hold that beautiful baby again….can't wait!!!! Love, Aunt Francie


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