Turns out we are making a last minute trip to Redding for Thanksgiving. And by last minute, I mean we decided last night at ten pm.

12 hours in a car. With a 7 week old. Twice in five days.

Are we crazy? Yes, yes, we are.

BUT. We get to see Mom and Scott’s show. (What show? See here. Need tickets? See here.) And Isabelle will get to meet aunts and uncles and cousins and all kinds of special people. Plus, I’m sure we will hit the Burrito Bandito. So, there’s that.

If you need me tomorrow, sorry, I’m spending the day in the car with my two favorite people.

5 thoughts on “11/24/09

  1. Fun!! Bri and Dan will be here, too. Have a wonderful holiday. I'm sure the drive will be worth it!!!


  2. So glad that you get to be with your family for Thanksgiving! Good luck with the drive tomorrow. I am sure Isabelle will do great. Drive safe!


  3. Oh how fun! That will be great. Kim's going to be so sad when she finds out she'll miss a chance to meet Isabelle! (They are here in PA with us for Thanksgiving.)


  4. Really Isabelle is so beautiful. Yes I do think you were so brave!!!


  5. omg she's so tiny!!! 🙂 super cute pic of daddy jazz and babi iz.


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