A few of my favorite (baby) things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes!

Okay enough of that. Isabelle’s arrival has prompted an overwhelming influx of baby crap. Clothes and toys and bedding and burp cloths and accessories etc. We have so much stuff. Honestly, I know there are things we won’t use or that she won’t wear, but some things have been invaluable to us the last two months. (Holy hell! Two months!) So here is my unsolicited opinion on all things baby related. You’re welcome.

1. Ergo Carrier. Recommended by my friend Kaylene, this carrier has been awesome. Isabelle sits in it while I clean or do dishes, its perfect for outings, and it is so versatile. Bonus: I can put it on by myself, and it holds up to 40+ pounds, plus it is super comfortable.

2. Mylicon gas drops- works wonders on a fussy baby. Never leave home without them. I’m not kidding, we will turn around for them.

3. Homemade burp cloths. We use them for EVERYTHING. I made 8, and we haven’t used any of the other million that we have. They are super absorbent, they wash easily, plus they are cute. Next time you are having a baby, call me, and I will send some your way. I love them THAT much.
4. Lily padz. My sister-in-law JaNae gave these to me at my shower and let me tell you what. They are the coolest thing since sliced bread. I won’t go into detail for fear my mother will fall over dead if I discuss breast feeding on my blog, but seriously, get some asap.

5. Skip Hop changing pad. Perfect if you don’t need your whole diaper bag, or if your husband is running to change the baby. It’s small, holds diapers and wipes, and unfolds for convenient baby placement. The mat can be cleaned easily, which is important when those size one diapers are still a little bit too big. I will not tell you how we found that out. Plus, its stylish without being too baby/girly/pink. Know what I mean? Bonus: Well priced! We got ours from csnbaby.com, which also has great nursery furniture.

6. Moses Basket by Land of Nod. (We have the green one) Easy to move around, Isabelle has slept soundly in it since day one. We can put it our room, in the crib, on the floor, in the living room, in the bathroom, literally ANYWHERE.

7. A swing. Any swing, really. Ours is a Brentwood Baby Swing, graciously gifted by our ward. I don’t think I would ever get a shower before 6 pm without this thing. She loves it. It plays music and has nature sounds and has a bunch of different swing settings.
8. Oxyclean. Great for honestly any stain, especially a certain one gifted by our sweet daughter on a frequent basis. My mom taught me to use it as a pre-soak for really soiled items, then throw a scoop in each laundry load. Comes out clean every. single. time. Billy Mays, may you rest in pitchman peace.

9. This baby:

Sorry, not available in stores.

Don’t bother with: bulb nasal aspirator (q-tips work much better), A Snoogle, any newborn clothes without feet, those special swaddling things (receiving blankets worked best for us), and also, getting dressed.


5 thoughts on “A few of my favorite (baby) things

  1. Try gripe water for fussy baby. All natural. I used it with aidan all the time!


  2. Try gripe water for fussy baby. All natural. I used it with aidan all the time!


  3. She is so stinkin' adorable! I love the Ergo carrier – and especially when she starts to get bigger, you're going to love it even more! Have you tried the Moby wrap? It's less structured, but works well for babies under 6 months (they say you can use it longer, but after that I like the Bjorn and Ergo better). Give it a try, you may like it too 🙂 You can never have too many baby carriers!


  4. Love your list, Micci! I made some of the burp cloths (found the pattern from your blog – thank you!) and sent them to my niece who just had a baby. She loves them, too. Hope you had a nice holiday with the your great fam.


  5. This is a really good list! It's amazing what you can find useful but I know what you mean about having a load of stuff you will never use!


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