Ode to My Mom

I can’t go another day without writing something about my mom. I know everyone says that they have the best mom in the world, but I really do have the best mom in the whole entire world.

Mom came out the day after little Isabelle was born, she flew in from our home town of Redding. She kept me company at the hospital when Jazz was at work. She helped change Izzie when it was hard for me to get up. She kept me hydrated. We watched movies together and talked and laughed. Except I did more of a low haaaaaa so I wouldn’t bust a stitch. Sometimes it was just too funny and I would laugh a little too hard and it would hurt but it was worth it.

When we came home from the hospital, Mom came with us. She made us meals everyday- even some for our freezer for later. She bought groceries and kept our fridge stocked to the brim with healthy snacks. And she cleaned- oh this woman can CLEAN. Scrubbed floors and vacuumed and swept the porch, polished our bathroom and washed all of our linens. She also kept up on our regular laundry to make sure Jazz didn’t go to work naked.

Mom also doted on little Isabelle. She held her and changed her and gave her little sponge baths. She got up in the night when she was fussy, when she wouldn’t sleep- rocked her for hours. She played with her when she was awake, sang her songs, and told her stories. My mom has this way with babies and children, they are drawn to her. They love her. She is the type of person that has coloring books and stickers in her church bag even though her baby is 21 years old.

Most of all, she spent the week (and the last 25 years) teaching me how to be a mom.

I can’t express how much I appreciate her being here and helping us do everything. I really mean it when I say that we could not have done it without her.

And mom, thanks for not looking at my bum.

8 thoughts on “Ode to My Mom

  1. I love your Mom. She's so awesome.


  2. Adults, too, are drawn to her. You are going to be the best mom too. Hope you're feeling better every day.Hope you are smelling Isabelle deeply so you can always remember this time with her.


  3. That is amazing! I bet the help was very much needed. Your Mom is beautiful and she looks very “spunky”. When I have a baby will she come help me? 😀


  4. Love this post. Got a little teary, not going to lie.


  5. Oohh – I'm sure Cindy is loving this sweet post. You are a great daughter. Kiss the baby for Sean and me.


  6. Wow, Congrats to you both WOW she is a doll so cute and happy.


  7. Such a lovely tribute to such a special lady.


  8. It's true. She's pretty much Super Mom. I think that's why out moms are such great friends. Birds of a feather. And I think you are starting out as a wonderful mom, Micci! And I am just loving reading all about it!


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