2 Weeks

Dear Little Isabelle,

Today you are two whole weeks old. Your dad and I have enjoyed every minute of the last 14 days with you, and it is hard to remember a time before you were part of our family. Your bring this wonderful peaceful spirit into our home and we love you more than you will ever know.

You have ten perfect fingers and ten perfect toes, your entire body is a perfect miniature. Your skin is so soft and flawless and your fluffy hair at the nape of your neck is like fur. Your little legs are so froggy and curled up and getting a diaper on you is a challenge every time. Your skin is like porcelain and your little lips form a tiny perfect heart. There are parts of you that resemble me, and parts that resemble your dad, and we can’t wait to see how you will grow.

I love the way your tiny head fits perfectly under my chin when we snuggle. You love to sleep with your hand up by your face- just like your dad does. You always manage to get that little fist out of your tight swaddle. When you are really hungry, you do Frantic Shark Face, this frenzied back and forth open mouth thing that makes me laugh every single time. You love to sleep, almost as much as I do. I can never complain about getting up with you in the night though because when I come to get you from your moses basket, you look up at me with these big dark eyes and I melt every time.

You are so sweet and so special, you are proof that our Heavenly Father loves us and has a plan for us. Welcome to our family, little one, we are so glad you are here.



5 thoughts on “2 Weeks

  1. Cute letter to Izzie! She is so cute. I need to come see her again!


  2. She is so precious!!! Your making me baby hungry girl!!!


  3. I have to tell you Micci, I keep coming back to look at this photo again and again!! Those little lips!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh. 🙂


  4. Mic..that picture is probably one of the best pictures EVER! Little Isabelle is so precious. What a sweet moment!


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