Week Four Million

5 Weeks vs 40+ Weeks
In case you are wondering, I am still pregnant. Today I hit 40 Weeks, 3 Days, which means I am in my 41st week of this pregnancy. Eleven more weeks and it will be an ENTIRE YEAR OF GESTATION. Okay I know I am being dramatic but whatever, I am allowed to be at this stage in the game.

We had yet another doctor’s appointment this morning- I was so hoping to have made some significant progress, for my doctor to just smile and send me to labor and delivery. Of course, instead he just smiled at me, told me I’m “about the same” and then defended himself when I lept off of the table and attacked him.

I thought for sure my day yesterday would have done SOMETHING to make me progress. I walked for an hour, bounced on my exercise ball- I cleaned and cleaned, scrubbed floors and vacuumed, organized, did laundry, etc. Today I can barely move. I look like I’m warming up for my opening night as the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz. I hobbled to my appointment, to the mall, and to the grocery store- where for the first time, I seriously considered shopping around in an electric moby-cart.

Alright let’s move on to that picture up top. *Please let this be my last pregnant photo* Left side, 5 weeks pregnant, right after we found out. On the right side, about ten minutes ago, huge huge huge. Yes, I cropped out my head. Surprise. Deal with it. I remember taking that first picture and making Jazz take a few different ones because I looked so fat or my head was weird or my chin looked chubby or whatever. WHAT WAS I THINKING. I looked awesome. I have cheek bones! And a waist! And nothing about my outfit has elastic! Oh, the good old days.

So what do we do now? Basically we wait. And hope she comes on her own. But, due to her size and gestational age, there will come a point in time when she will be evicted whether she likes it or not. Until then-you can find me at home keeping busy with naps and tivo.

4 thoughts on “Week Four Million

  1. “Your baby is 2 days old” So awesome.Not awesome however, is how uncomfortable you must be. I have enough pregnant friends right now to know that even walking is asking a lot of you. So props on being way productive.Still, if you could hold out like 34 more hours, that would be great. I really want to win this contest.


  2. In this situation I can confidently say that I know how you feel. Reagan was the same way. I was a week overdue and she was 9lbs 9 oz….delivered vaginally. All I have to say is good luck and I hope she comes soon!


  3. Once after a long day of walking around I shopped in one of those carts when 38ish weeks pregnant. I am ashamed.


  4. I promise I'm not a scary blog stalker or crazy person, but I have been following your pregnancy since I came across your blog a while back. I had a baby in April and understand your desire to meet your little one. I'm finally ready to come out of the lurking closet and wish you the best of luck with your delivery!


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