Dress Rehearsal

Please excuse this quality blackberry picture. You might guess- we were COMPLETELY UNPREPARED for today. No camera, bags, books, nothing. Don’t I look thrilled?

Turns out we have a snarky baby and she wanted to celebrate our big Due Date by touring Labor and Delivery for a few hours this morning. BUT JUST TOUR. None of this admitting and staying business.

We had a routine weekly doctor’s appointment this morning where my doctor confirmed my suspicions that I am indeed, still pregnant. Little baby’s heartbeat was a bit high (185 are you kidding me child.) and didn’t come down after a few minutes, so we headed down to the women’s pavilion to have a non-stress test.

One backless gown, three wired monitors, and sixty minutes later, we were good to go. Her heart beat was high for a while, but came down into normal range and all was fine and dandy. I’m very, very, very relieved because the only cure for a high fetal heart rate is an immediate c-section delivery, which is something we are trying to avoid here. Prayers were answered and our baby just laughed at the irony of us leaving the Labor and Delivery floor on our exact due date, no baby in hand.

She is just so HILARIOUS. On the positive side, we did get ourselves registered- now we actually know where to go and what to do when she is less faking and more serious about the whole labor thing.

PS I love that the baby countdown on the right side of the page says “40 Weeks 0 Days- It’s go time!” I kinda want to slap it silly.

5 thoughts on “Dress Rehearsal

  1. Well I am glad everything is ok-we are all on alert here and are excited for any news! We love you and good luck!!


  2. Good news is that everything is okay! I would have laughed at you leaving too with no baby on your due date. 🙂 Dress rehearsals are a good thing…most of the time!


  3. now your little baby tracker says that your baby is 1 day old!! HEHEHE. she will get here when she is ready, i'm still predicting Oct 5. its a good day, a really really good day!


  4. Hi Micci,I am amazed that you are still pregnant! Having had a child with an abnormal heart rate and having had the emergency C I agree…don't have it that way if you can avoid it!Good luck with the next couple of days!!


  5. lol! Oh Mic I am sorry! I am glad she is okay though. Little stinker! How frustrating.


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