Grandpa Ross

On Tuesday, I called my mother to tell her about a fantastic dream I had. We were home, in California, Grandma June and Grandpa Ross were sitting in our fancy living room- Grandma was holding our new baby girl. We sat around and laughed and talked just like old days when Grandma was alive. I asked how her flight was, and she said something like don’t be silly, I don’t fly, these days I come and go as I please. Silly me. The dream was nostalgic and warm, I woke up feeling like I spent all night with my family.

After my Grandma June lost her husband in the late 1980’s, she re-connected with her young adult sweetheart, Ross. Ross had lost his beloved wife to cancer. The two rekindled their relationship and were marred in 1992. I was 8.

Grandpa Ross is the grandpa I remember best. I vaguely remember a few things about my other Grandpa’s- like how it felt to sit on Grandpa Ray’s lap, or the way Grandpa Pete’s scruff felt on my little face. But Grandpa Ross was around through my childhood and young adult life. He was a kind, quiet man who looked an awfully lot like Bob Barker.

Once he was visiting us when Morgan was still quite little. She had followed him into the guest room, and he was about to get ready for bed. Grandpa Ross said, “Alright Morgan, I’m going to change now so I need you to go out for a little bit.” Morgan loved Grandpa Ross so much and replied, “Oh, its okay Grandpa, I don’t laugh at boys.”

More than anything else, Grandpa Ross loved to golf. He golfed every single day, rain or shine. We’d say, “Grandpa where are you going?” And he would always respond with a smile, “Off to work!” He served as the ward clerk for many years and I remember him using his tiny golf pencil to note the number in attendance on Sundays. He drove Grandma across Nevada in their pink Lincoln Continental to spend Christmas with us the year we adopted Zeus.

After my Grandma died in 2002, he remarried again and moved down to St. George. We heard from him from time to time- weddings and celebrations and that sort of thing, but I haven’t seen him in years.

Wednesday morning my mom called to tell me that Grandpa Ross passed away on Monday at the age of 85, after suffering from a variety of illnesses. I feel sad- sad that I haven’t seen him in so long, sad that Jazz never met him, sad that truly all of our grandparents are gone now. But, I get the overwhelming feeling that like in my dream, they are healthy and happy and helping preparing our baby for her time on earth.
*For more information on what we believe happens after death, please visit this website.

2 thoughts on “Grandpa Ross

  1. So sweet. Gave me the chills.


  2. Good job recapping. I certainly remember Ross golfing everyday and thought, as my parents told me he couldn't anymore, that he was probably miserable in his body now.Your sweet Grandma (Auntie June to me) taught him how to include a church calling and the temple in his life. What a GEM she is.


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