Really? Already?

I can’t believe it is September.

No, seriously. It is September the 3rd today. Which means we are 1/10th of the way through this month. I can’t believe my due date is this month. I can’t believe summer is over. (Can I get an amen hallelujah!) I can’t believe I am counting down the days (27!) until our baby’s expected arrival.

I have all these other blog posts I have been working on, but can’t seem to finish because my mind can not wrap around that idea it is finally September. It’s basically all I can talk about now. Let’s stay organized and cover a few topics.

1. “Hey Micci, why don’t you post some new pictures?” Because I don’t want to. Obviously. I love pictures and documenting our lives and everything, but no one needs to see my triple chin via computer screen. I can’t control a lot of things these days but I can control my blog. Deal with it.

2. This is a busy month. And I don’t just mean because I will be watching for ANY SIGN OF IMMINENT LABOR. I mean birthdays and mom visiting and another wonderful baby shower and best of all- my last day at work.

September 9-12th: Mom visits, lots of baby shopping shall ensue
September 10th: Happy Birthday to my bay area BFF Leigh
September 11th: Mo’s signif other JR’s bday celebration
September 12th: Baby Shower!
September 16th: Last day at work AKA Liberation Day
September 19th: Mo’s 17th Birthday! Ok, fine she is 20. Seriously though, 21.
September 26th: Sabrina’s 24th Birthday!
September 30th: Baby Sorensen’s eviction day

Sorry for the list, it helps me stay organized. I’m a list person, did you know?

3. I want to take a second and publicly praise my better half. Not once in ten months (Yes I am now in the 10th month of pregnancy) has Jazz complained or whined about anything. He deserves a HUGE GOLD STAR AND A MILLION DOLLARS for putting up with hormonal pregasaurus rex Micci. I could write a whole post on this, probably keep up a whole separate blog just to brag about how fantastic he is, seriously. He has taken over household duties that have become difficult for me, scrubbed hot pink nail polish off of our bathroom floor/toilet/wall (and also my foot), tolerated my tearful meltdowns, and accompanied me to every single doctor’s appointment.

He has gone shopping with me probably enough to last a lifetime, opened his wallet to accommodate our new arrival, and helped with all the nursery preparations. He lovingly giggles with me about the awkward/embarrassing parts of pregnancy and always has the right answer when I ask, “Do I look fat in this?” I’m so lucky that we are going on this adventure together.

“Don’t you take my picture. Stop it! Ok, fine but I am doing cheese face. And I’m not happy about it.”

4. Did I mention it is September??

4 thoughts on “Really? Already?

  1. Hooray for the upcoming baby Sorensen “eviction” day! Haha I love that 🙂 STILL so excited for you two! and ps, love the chair for the baby's room.


  2. Teeny tiny diaper!!! Love it. You probably posted some stuff above that picture, but everything was wiped from my brain when I saw the diaper. (PS, I loved those little wetness stripes.)


  3. With a month like that your little girl will be here before you know it!


  4. Hi it's me again. Just wanted to say I love making it in the blog!


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