4th Festivities

Things I did this weekend:

  1. Had a delicious steak dinner with Jazz
  2. Set off a million fireworks (thanks Syd and Garrett!)
  3. Witnessed the local parade
  4. Ate an agave snow cone
  5. Made a gargantuan batch of potato salad
  6. Decorated festive flag cookies
  7. Attended a BBQ at Jazz’s family’s house
  8. Where I unknowingly walked around with a 3 foot tail of toilet paper hanging out of my pants.

Overall, a very successful celebration.

Hope you all had an equally successful holiday weekend.

2 thoughts on “4th Festivities

  1. I LOVE summer holidays! and the 4th is so fun to celebrate. I'm glad you took it all in.P.S. Your twitter account makes me laugh so hard. I absolutely love it!


  2. You guys had quite the weekend! Glad you had fun with the fireworks. Wasn't the parade hilarious…you will have to make it a tradition to go (as long as you live in Utah). No one told you about the toilet paper? How rude.


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