One night when we were in Maui

we stopped in at an adorable kids boutique

they had all sorts of clothes, hats, puzzles, and swimwear.

I was browsing the back of the store and turned

to see Jazz browsing the front of the store.

He didn’t see me, but I watched

as he picked up a tiny newborn one-sie on a hanger.

He held it up, looked at it up and down

and I could tell what he was thinking.

“Will the baby really be this small?”

“Can baby girls wear brown?”

“Do we need baby hangers?”

“Seriously though, this is small.”

As I watched him examine

that tiny little outfit

I totally lost it.

I pictured my 6’1″ husband

holding my small little baby.

I had to excuse myself from the store for a minute

while I gathered my composure.

I’m just so grateful.

That he chose me.

3 thoughts on “7/2/09

  1. How adorable is that? He is going to be the best dad!


  2. I ove this post you have congrats it aways nice to know your friends married good man, and they will be a wonderful daddy.


  3. Just wait until he's actually holding her. It is AMAZING to watch your husband turn into a daddy.


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