Today is going to be great. It’s Thursday. I don’t work tomorrow. In fact, I don’t work until June 30th. It’s basically like Christmas around my house, I’m so excited and giddy and smiley. Is smiley a word? Smilings my favorite. (Ten points if you know the movie)

We have been running around, gathering last minute items for our trip to Maui. We have a few more errands and appointment’s tomorrow (gestational diabetes test, horray) and then we are on a much anticipated vacation.

I have loved this rainy weather that Utah has been hosting for a few weeks, but it will be soooo nice to be in the sunshine for awhile. Some REAL sunshine. I found a maternity swim suit that I semi-like. Again, let me just reiterate how difficult it is to find clothes when you are pregnant. Last night looking for new comfortable pajamas was basically impossible, and the ones I did find make me look exactly like Santa.

Hawaii Swim

That suit is cute, right? I can wear that? Obviously with a potato sack to cover my giant pasty whale body, but you get the point. Realistically I will be wearing flip flops and a t-shirt around the whole week, but its fun to pretend to be glamorous at the pool. I ordered some new books to read (Thanks amazon) and can’t wait to just sit and relax and do nothing.

The best part of the trip is the whole family will be there. I know we just saw each other about a month ago at Disneyland, but they are my favorite people in the whole world. Going on vacation without my family would be weird and hardly a vacation at all.

This is why I am as happy as a bird with a french fry. If the bird was pregnant though, she would definitely need more than one french fry. Just sayin.

5 thoughts on “Today…

  1. Maui is going to be fantastical and I can hardly wait for all the games to begin!! Also, the movie quote, it's so easy- ELF!!! Love, Sab


  2. ohhh, i knew it was elf as well, but sabs beat me to it. Darn you sabs!


  3. Hope you have so much fun! Love the swimsuit. Soak up the sun and read lots of good books for me while you are there!


  4. Yep, Elf. I get ten points too. And I didn't even have to look at the other comments to get the answer! I just knew!!!Have fun on your trip and live it up these last few childless months! It's still possible to travel after baby, but it's definitely different!


  5. I am jealous…I want to go to Maui. Personally, I am sick of all this rainy weather. It is supposed to be summer. We get one nice day and then it starts raining again. What is the deal. We have gone camping twice this summer and have gotten rained on both times. I am still waiting for summer to start. I guess that is why you are going to Maui


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