One Whole Year

This weekend, Jazz and I celebrated the day we became husband and wife. Can you believe how quickly the year has flown by?

On Saturday, between the downpour and thunderstorms, we went for a picnic up Little Cottonwood Canyon. We found a perfect little spot right by this adorable little river and enjoyed our finger food and each other’s company. All weekend long we kept saying, “Remember at this time last year, I was doing my makeup..or I was walking down the aisle…or we were married!…or we were enjoying our reception..”

Saturday night we had reservations at The Roof, a restaurant on the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. I had been once before, about a hundred years ago, and Jazz had never been. Let me tell you, it is fantastical. We had seriously the best table in the whole restaurant, here is our view:

We dined on yummy salads and prime rib, mashed potatoes, vegetables, shrimp, cod, chicken, literally all of my favorite foods. And the best part- buffet style! No one even looked twice at the pregnant chick heading to the buffet for round two.

This is me and my half devoured salad course.

Probably the best part of the meal was the desserts. When we went through the dessert line, we didn’t notice that they had dainty dessert plates next to their spread- Jazz and I both grabbed regular plates. Maybe that was a mistake? It was so fun to try the different desserts (even if we didn’t finish all of them) and kind of sample this and that. Jazz’s favorite was the white mousse, and my favorite by far was the creme brulee. Sweet creamy heaven, it was so so delicious.

Jazz with his dessert choices.

I can’t help but compare that picture to the one below- taken almost a year ago to the day, on our honeymoon in Cancun.

As we ate dinner we remembered all of our favorite parts of our wedding day and our honeymoon together. It is really hard to believe that a whole year has come and gone! After dinner we walked around temple square and held hands and talked about the upcoming year, and what it will be like to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with 9-month old.

Sunday was our *actual* anniversary and we did normal Sunday things. We went to church, and had a 12- hour nap, and then Morgan invited us down to Provo for a special anniversary treat. We didn’t want to freeze the top layer of our wedding cake, so Morgan had recreated our favorite flavors. Chocolate and cream cheese for me, Yellow cake with chocolate filling for Jazz. She even patterned the outside to match our wedding cake.

And of course, a selfie on our anniversary. It is weird not living with other people- no one is around to take pictures when you need them to. Quite the change for me.

*Can you see my lovely anniversary gift from my husband on the top of the fridge behind us?

Happy 1st Anniversary Jazzy!

Can’t wait to celebrate 100 more!

3 thoughts on “One Whole Year

  1. you looked absolutely amazing on your wedding day and you're still gorgeous as ever and glowing! i love you guys. Cheers to 100 more years together!!!


  2. Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures of Jazz this year and last year. What a fun weekend you guys had! All I have to say is that you are beautiful! You are such a cute pregnant mom and Jazz is going to be such a good dad. Crazy that next year you will have a 9 month old!


  3. Congrats Micci! I want to see some prego pics PLEASE! Tagg and I are almost at a year too. The time goes by so fast!


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