This is more how I feel.

I’m sorry to disappoint you with ANOTHER post about being pregnant and maternity related stuff but guess what. This is my life right now, so deal with it.

Since we have been enjoying some honestly perfect weather, my winter wardrobe has been replaced with my spring/summer wardrobe. And by that, I mean I basically got my flip flops out. None of my old wardrobe fits, mostly because I am considerably pregnant this year.
Last year at this time, I was in “Project: Wedding” mode and I was hardcore working out and eating right and losing a bunch of weight. Me and Morgan regularly hiked the Y and tortured ourselves with resistance bands and endless sit ups. It was awesome.

This year, I’m struggling a little bit. Don’t get me wrong, I am very understanding of what is happening to my body, I know it is a miracle and I am thrilled to be able to have a healthy pregnancy.

However. I am NOT thrilled with my clothing options. Those who know me know that I enjoy shopping. I enjoy finding bargains, its just my thing. Maternity clothes are just not my style. Here is my qualm with the maternity industry.

You basically have two options.

1) Pay premium prices (about $100 a shirt, up to $200 for jeans) for high end maternity clothes that are stylish. Wear them for a few months, grow out of them, and then be forced to live on the street because you spent your rent money on a new pair of pants.

2) Pay lower prices ($30 a shirt, $40 for pants) for low end maternity clothes that sacrifice style and quality. Be ugly for 10 months, and then work really hard to get back into normal clothes.

Now, can’t there be a happy medium? Something that is semi-affordable, yet stylish at the same time? Especially if I am going to wear these clothes repeatedly for multiple pregnancies, I feel like I am wasting my money on Old Navy clothes that won’t last very long.
It is starting to really warm up now- and we are heading to Disneyland in 12 days to meet my entire family (ten of us!) for a weekend in the Magic Kingdom. It’s going to be hot. I have nothing to wear. Pregnancy doesn’t just make me gain weight in my tummy, it makes me gain weight in my thighs, arms, face, basically everywhere. I feel more like Stay Puft Marshmallow Man than a glowing expectant mother.

And if you say, “Oh just you wait, you are going to get so much bigger and more uncomfortable…” I might punch you in the face. I am aware at some point this baby will take residence in my ribcage and her foot will poke out my eardrum.

All I am saying is that I could make some serious money designing a stylish, modest, affordable maternity line to fill this much needed void in maternity wear.

5 thoughts on “5/17/09

  1. Even with a lack of clothing options, my wife is oh so beautiful in all her pregnant glory!


  2. Ahh… Jazz is a pretty nice husband.As for me, I got 90% of my maternity clothes from Hillary, who is done having kids. Huge lifesaver. I also hunted on eBay almost constantly looking for deals. Even then, I still wasn’t pleased, because I think it’s really hard to feel cute pregnant, even when people say you look cute. I had 2 shirts I liked, and 1 pair of pants. Ug.Yeah, it will get worse, but it will also get so very very worth it when you hold your little princess and she stops crying because she recognizes how you feel and smell. It’s amazing, and I so look forward to you experiencing it.


  3. You are hilarious! I loved that post. I agree maternity clothes suck! I loved Gap…they had amazing sales and some really cute things. I still think that you look adorable! Lucky that you are going to Disneyland!!! You should totally start a maternity clothing line!


  4. Old Navy has some cute prego clothes!!!! try there!!!


  5. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed stalking your blog today (I got the address from a babycenter post.) We’re at about the same point in this strange journey known as gestation! I’m due September 26th!Ok, that’s all I really wanted to say…


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