Post 100

OUR 100th POST

Congratulations to US! Yeah!

February 4th, 2008, Jazz started this blog for our “pending future together.” He knew he was going to propose to me and that I would possibly say yes and this blog would be a good way to document it.

And document we did. We posted about an average of one post every 3 1/2 days. Not too shabby.

Anyway, I have been dreading writing this post because it is the *1ooth* and it needs to be fancy and special and shiny.

But then I was all like, wait, I should not treat any posts different.

They all should be shiny and special and fancy.

So here is today’s very normal and regular post.

So I worked in the restaurant industry for a long time. I have literally done every job you can think of: washing dishes, cleaning floors, grilling, baking, expo-ing, prepping, hosting, bartending, and serving. Also lobster killing, but that is for a different post.

Sometimes I miss working at a restaurant, it always kept me moving- it was different every single day. I miss the simplicity of showing up for a shift, working for a few hours, and leaving with a full day’s pay in my pocket.

Since I have this experience, it has given me a different perspective when I dine out at a restaurant. I feel pity for the servers when the food is burned,I understand they are so busy that my drink is a little late. I always tip well even when the service is pooh pooh.

We were out to dinner on Saturday night at Texas Road House. It’s a lot like Logan’s for the California crew- delicious bread, steaks and salads. The ribs are so tasty I could possibly eat three whole cows worth. We love going there, but the wait is usually like 2 hours long. I kid you not, people stand in the lobby and wait for TWO HOURS for a MEAL. We are obviously above that, so we did call ahead seating and were seated within five minutes of arriving at the restaurant.

Our server came over after a few minutes and was perfectly friendly, did the standard offering of an appetizer and a fancy drink. We just sat and waited for our food and chatted.

And then I had en epiphany.

I am extremely old and annoying.

When we were directed to a table, we asked for a booth. I HATED people who did that, it would totally throw off my plan for seating the next five or six guests. We ended up sitting at the table anyway because a booth would have been a longer wait.

When I ordered my water, I asked for lots of ice. I used to make so much fun of the customers at my tables that did that- I would give them all ice and like 4 ounces of water. Now I hate it when the server pathetically scoops 3 sad little ice cubes into my water and after three minutes my beverage tastes like soup through a straw.

The country music was so loud, I actually thought about telling my server how obnoxious it was. We couldn’t even hear each other engage in our pleasant and grown up conversation. What?? Who am I??

Morgan ordered a water, and then whipped out a Crystal Light on-the-go Packet and proceeded to make her own strawberry delight. I’m not gonna lie, that one kind of made my jaw drop. Seriously Morgan? seriously? We are THAT table?

Our food was late (but delicious), our service was terrible, and we watched as our charismatic server chatted up the blond hottie at the table next to ours- totally oblivious of our need of ranch sides and drink refills.

For once my server instinct did not kick in. I felt no pity for him. And I certainly didn’t give him any pity when calculating his tip. But seriously, when did I become such an old lady?

8 thoughts on “Post 100

  1. Congrats! 100 posts pulls you out of the amatuer league.You writing about the roadhouse makes my mouth water. I love the place. I think I love it even more snce it’s a drive and I don’t go often.Isn’t it funny how deja vu hits (please note the incorrect spelling–no clue how to spell that one)? I try so hard to not be THAT annoying person, but sometimes it’s called for.


  2. that is so funny. Crystal light to go. Love it.


  3. My time as a server was much more brief than yours, but I completely agree that you develop some sort of unspoken bond. It takes a lot to break that. However, when we went to out the other night and 30 minutes after we finished our food had to track down another server to bring us our bill because our server was SO engrossed in flirting with the girl with the thong hanging out, the sympathy disappeared. 7% for you pal, and that’s being generous.


  4. LOL! micci that is too funny. Why you ask? Because I do the SAME thing!!! I have quite the history of working at resturants so I am patient and understanding… but lately.. I notice the things that you did. ha ha! I dont know WHAT age it kicks in.. but it happens. The next step, is actually voicing your thoughts! muahaaaaa!! (that was an evil laugh… )


  5. Yay! Congrats on 100 post.I’m the same way at restaurants, even though I’ve worked in one. I’m a totaly “Can we get a booth” kind of girl and get bugged by weak iced beverages.


  6. Hooray for a new picture being up! Not that I didn’t love the other one, but YAY for change! What happened to my other comment? I for sure thought I posted one. Hmmm…Anyways congrats on 100. LOVE U!


  7. I laughed so hard on the ‘music too loud’ comment!! But of course, working in the restaurant field you should know that is one of the oldest tricks in the world. the louder the music, the faster the tables turn. Subconsciously, people eat faster when the music is loud, so the restaurant (in theory) makes more money because people are in and out longer – it’s not about the dining experience at all. Love your blog, Micci. Looking forward to the Next 100 posts!!


  8. whoops. I typed that comment too fast. I mean “people are in and out faster – not longer.!!!!


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