The Horse Part 2

So a few months ago we had a poll to name our friendly neighborhood horse. We aren’t really sure if it is a girl or a boy horse- seriously no matter how hard we look we can’t figure it out. Even Leigh the horse expert didn’t really have a solid conclusion.

The horse has survived us living next door, unlike the horse that died DAYS AFTER WE MOVED IN. Welcome back from Cancun, bam the horse is dead.


I wanted to name the lovely horse Nelly, as you might remember, and there was a TIE in the poll. After a long and difficult fight, I gave in and started calling the horse Nancy. Well, lately I have been a bit worried about Nancy surviving the snow storms and the 6 degree weather. I kind of thought we might come outside to another dead horse.


Horses are very resilient. Wikipedia told me that horses can survive in negative degree weather as long as they have some kind of shield from the wind. And guess what else??

Nancy is FANCY! She is totally trendy. Who told him/her that purple is totally in this season? Is that a tail cover??

And where do you think I can get a human jacket like that? She/he is totally rocking it.

4 thoughts on “The Horse Part 2

  1. Holy sheesh Nancy… ROCK that horse blanket! PS I love Wikipedia…


  2. Love the blanket! Don’t worry Micci, horses can survive almost anything! She does look stylish though. How lucky you are to have such a rockin’ neighbor!


  3. AH! FANCY NANCY! LOVE IT!!! (also Ellie’s favorite book EVER, thanks Auntie Mic!). Yeah, Nancy is rockin’ that hard core. Shehe runs it well. That would mean she is either a Euro male and confidant in more feminine hues or just a trendy US female! Either way, I’m glad she is not dead!!!! How did you know the other horsey died??


  4. I hope this is not too crude but I think if it was a boy you would be able to tell! So I think Nancy is a great name!


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