Dear Blog,

I am very sorry that I have neglected you the past few weeks. We are very close friends and I know I would be sad if you abandoned me, so thanks for hanging in there. But guess what blog! I have so much new stuff for you to gobble up, it’s ridiculous. You see, I have been a very busy girl traveling to California and playing the Favorite Aunt and celebrating Christmas and all. These things are exhausting.

But now I am back in Utah where it is frigid and snowy. Everything is semi back to normal and in no time I will present you with a feast of delicious literary snacks. And blog- I have a huge surprise for you. You know those photos I give you? The ones that are kinda fuzzy and sad looking? You will never believe this but Santa brought me a Nikon D60. I know you know what I’m talking about because you and I have totally discussed it’s brilliance before. When she was born I cried just a little tiny bit because, well, I cry over everything. And blog- because I feel Christmas cheer and all that crap, I am going to share my 10.2 mega pixels with you. Did I just blow your mind? It’s okay, you can cry too.

So do you forgive me? You should know that I really enjoyed my time off of work, and especially enjoyed the time I spent at home with my family. I will tell you all about it, I promise.

Me and you- date tomorrow? Sounds great. Thanks for understanding, you are the best.



3 thoughts on “12/29/08

  1. You have been missed! I can’t wait for the updates. Hope you have fun in California!Do you love your new camera?!? You might have to let me play with it! I want a new one for my b-day, but can’t decide which one!


  2. You are brilliant. Also fluffs misses you. Scotchies miss you. Rock band misses you. Moms chocolate chip cookies miss you. But most of all, I really miss you.


  3. i miss you too. i can’t wait for your update. you and your family made my Christmas… no joke. Love u guys so much!


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