Pleasantly Surprised

Convo with my mother via phone earlier this week:

Mom: You know, Mic, you’ve really surprised me with your domesticity and your little creative ways. Because when you were growing up I really didn’t think…I mean, I didn’t see it coming.

Me: What? really? what does that even mean?

Mom: Well, you know, like the house stuff and the crafty stuff. Just didn’t see it coming, that’s all. For awhile there, you just… you know.

Me: Ummm, I am so writing this down.

Mom: What? Don’t you dare! You are NOT writing this down!

Me: Yes, yes I am. I’m typing it right now. And I’m going to blog about it.

Mom: Oh NO-YOU-WILL-NOT! you can NOT blog about me behind my back. I MEAN IT!

Me: *silent with typing noises in the background*

Mom: MICCOLENE—You are gonna get it, that’s all! I’m gonna come get you in the night! No, I’m gonna start my OWN blog and then you’ll be really sorry!

Me: Yeah, still typing. This is good stuff.

6 thoughts on “Pleasantly Surprised

  1. Love it! You even got the Miccolene…she was not happy about you blogging about this! That is so funny! Hope you are having fun!


  2. I seriously think your mom should start a blog!!! Maybe we could start one together and blog all about how our signs of early dimentia is a result of the PAC syndrome. (Parenting Adult Children). I’ll take diapers and binkies any day!!PAC already got your mom in trouble on your blog!! :)She’s awesome, Miccolene.


  3. You know you’re in trouble when she busts out the full first name! This totally made me laugh nd I really do hope she starts a blog!!! Merry Christmas! Stay warm! xxox


  4. That is so funny! Your mom SHOULD start a blog! Her and your dad are so cute!


  5. ha ha that made my night how funny! Maybe since you were not always like that I have a chance!


  6. So has your mom started a blog or what?


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