Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday to the Best Dad in All the Land
My dad:
  • can build anything, fix anything, find anything, make anything.
  • can answer any question about science or math or religion or medicine
  • speaks fluent Cantonese
  • has stitched up my face
  • has stitched up his own face (and hand and ear and thumb…)
  • sometimes cycles over 100 miles in one day
  • loves the Burrito Bandito and In-n-Out
  • is a father of five
  • is a husband of 28 years
  • taught me how to make omelettes
  • sports camo and Abercombie like no ones business
  • shops more than I do (is that possible)
  • loves Pixar films
  • one time thought he would look distinguished and regal with a mustache.
  • makes the best toffee I’ve ever had
  • is the patriarch of our family

Some special pictures:

Buckingham Palace

Vatican Museum

My cousin’s wedding, fancy style

Mo’s LASIK surgery. Totally got to watch.

Definitely ranks in the top 5 best moments of my life.

Happy 51st Birthday Dad, can’t wait to celebrate 51 more!

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