Last night, Husband said the most magical words to me.

“Honey. I don’t think we have enough Christmas stuff. You probably need to go to Taipan.”

And then I floated away on a cloud of clean laundry and rice krispy treats.

Yesterday, I opened the box of Christmas stuff to take inventory of our Combined Christmas Crap. I laid it out on our spare bed to see all it in its red and green and gold and silver glory. It looks fabulous. It is going to look even more fabulous evenly distributed around our apartment.

But not yet Charlie Brown, not yet.

6 thoughts on “11/19/08

  1. You are so freakin’ cute! Love that pic. “And then I floated away on a cloud of clean laundry and rice krispy treats.” LOL! Clever girl! I love your blogging style! I copied it a little bit tonight… the letter thing. I love your letters. Dear Tonsils… lol! You rock. 🙂


  2. oh micci, you’re funny. i love how strongly you are waiting for Christmas 🙂 that really is the best thing to hear from a husband, when they suggest you go spend money! somehow it just makes me feel so much love haha.


  3. It’s too hard to be patiently waiting for Christmas decorating. Mom cheated this year and definitey decorated the basement with frosty red, white and green LAST WEEK.I’m jealous.Please. come. soon. 11/28.


  4. it’s almost time little one.


  5. First…cute picture of you guys!Second…Will you send Jazz over to have a talk with Garrett? He really told you to go to Tai Pan?!?!


  6. just go ahead and put your tree up like I already did. Yes, I did. on Saturday. Jealous?


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