Sunday Spotlight

This is Sabrina. Isn’t she pretty?

Sabrina is my sister.

She is 23 years old.

We are only 14 months apart.

Her favorite color is pink.

She loves umbrellas and polka dots.

We have lived in the same house. And the same apartment. And also the same room.

We have traveled all over the world together. To San Francisco and Paris and Milan and Rome.

Sabrina lived abroad in London for five months. She walked the halls of the National Gallery and sketched trees sitting in Hyde Park. Now she says things like “flat” instead of apartment and spells favorite “favourite.”

Sabrina is fancy. She likes go to the ballet every Christmas dressed to the nines.

Sabrina reads. Books and novels and magazines. She likes love stories.

Sabrina plays the piano very, very, very well.

Sabrina can wake surf.

She can also out belch the belchiest.

She has been dumpster diving.

Sabrina is kind and compassionate. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Sometimes Sabrina looks like our dog Zeus.

But thats okay, because she is so pretty.

I am extra grateful that Sabrina is my sister.

I love her.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Spotlight

  1. Sisters are amazing aren’t they? I am glad you appreciate yours like I do mine!


  2. She is pretty and she sounds awesome and amazing to boot!


  3. Hey! I have a sister named Sabrina too! Your’s looks just like you. I have a friend who served his mission in Manchester England.She sounds like a great girl.


  4. are you getting ready to sell Sabrina or are you just showing your love? I don’t know how to interpret this… i think i spelled interpret incorrectly… oh well I’m a rebel, what can I say!


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