Our weekend in photos

Saturday, Jazz made homemade fluffy waffles with fresh raspberries and whipped cream.

Scrabs came up and we had a sleepover. We played Catan, and I totally won. (suckas!)

Who knew you could make scrumptious golden brown marshmallows on a burner?

*Warning. Do not touch marshmallow to burner. It WILL light on fire.

Cookie decorating! With Mo’s fancy cake stuff!

Me sporting my favorite Monterey Bay Aquarium tee.

These cookies + cold milk = love.

Sunday lunch made by Chef Jazzypants.

Other activities included: catching up on our weekday tv shows, tending baby Adi, watching 8 episodes of project runway, Frisbee, the park, church, and a big ol fatty nap. Yeah, it was pretty much awesome.

8 thoughts on “Our weekend in photos

  1. Holy cute cookies, batman! LOVE IT! And… FYI… I knew the burner/marshmallow trick. It’s an ancient Chinese secret. Ok, not really, but we used to totally do that when we were kids. (we being my siblings and I)


  2. 1) I would murder you at Catan. Just know that.2) Are cooking husbands the greatest?? Ryan made me french toast for breakfast. 3) Did you finish project runway?


  3. Mmmmm… I want to eat Jazz’s waffles and your cookies. They look fantastic! Plus I always run late in the morning and don’t get to eat breakfast. So consequently, I’m STARVING.We worked on a family costume (read: white-trash outfit) yesterday. I’m not sure how I feel about 15 people trekking around looking like complete morons, but we’ll see.


  4. Man I miss those days and weekends of no kids!!!! How much fun and the cookies are amazing!


  5. are we in Utah yet? Because I want to be a part of this weekend. Is there room in here for a non-family member who’s bad at decorating cookies, but loves to eat them? If so, COUNT ME IN NEXT TIME!


  6. You are seriously the cutest and I can’t believe it…Jazzy + Cooking = It must be love!Thanks for watching Two Scoops Friday night! What I need to know is when did Sabrina go from Sabs to Scrabs?!


  7. Those cookies look so yummy and those waffles look delicious! Fun weekend. Love that you roasted marshmellows over your burner. Are those your sisters??


  8. What the heck is Catan?Am I out of the loop on NMGs(new Mormon games)?


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