Haunted Houses

When I moved to Utah in 2002, I noticed a few things that are different here. It snows a lot. People don’t use their blinkers. Mountain is pronounced meow-tin. Teasing hair is an art form. There is no In-n-Out. (This is a crime.)

Another thing that Utah has is haunted houses. I mean, the kind where you actually pay money to walk around in dark, scary hallways and scream when a 14 year old jumps out at you looking like Freddie Krueger. Last weekend we went to the Castle of Chaos with Sabs, Mo, their friend Beth, and Mo’s newly acquired man friend Adam.

Here we are looking foxy. Morgans body looks oddly twisted. And Sabs looks like Zeus.

Here is my adorable husband wearing his oh-so-cuddly sweatshirt.

I gave the Castle of Chaos a 5. It was kinda entertaining, mostly just dark, and also way too short. The company we were keeping, however, received a 10.

Last night Jazz and I went with our married friends Garrett and Sydney to the Haunted Forrest down in American Fork. I think we were more excited to go on a double date with grown up married people than we were to go to the actual haunted house. These people are the fun kind- the kind you want to hang out with. We had a blast.

Look at us all matching and we DIDN’T EVEN MEAN TO.

This guy was super creepy and followed us for awhile. I just pretended it was my friend.

This part was the worst part. It was like two big cushy things squished together, and you had to walk through them for like ten feet. Yeah I’m really claustrophobic. This did not go over well.

Whats that you say? My husband is handsome? I know!

And what is a blog post full of pictures without a selfie.

7 thoughts on “Haunted Houses

  1. How cute are you!? I love it. I didn’t know they didn’t have haunted houses other places. Weird. The best HH I ever went to was the March of Dimes one. I just started to type the story, but then realized it should be a blog entry of it’s own cuz it’s a long one. And a good one. So… look for it on my blog! :)You’re adorable. -C


  2. So I didn’t realize until I looked at the picture of all of us that they boys were matching too! How funny! Thanks for the fun night. We love you guys.


  3. ahhh…Utah. It looks like fun and you are lucky to have your sisters nearby! That is great. And I am also glad that you blog as often as I do! You always give me something fun to read when I pop on the computer for a couple minutes. Enjoy that snow! I will be enduring the rain. I don’t know which is worse…


  4. I was just explaining to my mother today Utah’s enthusiasm over haunted houses. In fact, Halloween in general is a pretty big deal in Utah, which is a little ironic if you ask me.


  5. Seriously, Utah has more haunted house per capita that any other spot on the globe. That’s not a proven fact, but I’d stake my reputation on it.


  6. So that weird guy following you around that you were pretending was your friend…are you talking about Jazz?! Thanks for watching Adi Cakes the other night. Dinner was to-die-for-delicious!


  7. we went to castle of chaos… I didnt like it! Nightmare on 13th is where it’s at baby!!


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