I’ve been tagged.

10 years ago…

I was 14. Pretty much I don’t remember much. I was probably just getting ready to start my freshman year at EHS. Its a phase my mom refers to as “the ugly years.” I had really big bangs and had just barely made the freshman volleyball team- at the time it was the HUGEST deal in the entire world. I was best friends with JaNae- who is now my sister-in-law! We used to spend the summers having sleepovers at each others houses. This is an awesome picture of my brother Scott and his wife JaNae like a hundred years before they got married-they went to prom as friends.

I remember one morning at the Eliasons, me and JaNae were discussing various eating habits, working out, etc. We both agreed that we really enjoyed eating delicious foods. We came up with this awesome idea to chew our breakfast and taste it, but then spit it out so we didn’t get the calories. We proceeded to eat our cereal by chewing it all up, then spitting it out. At the time we thought we were brilliant. This was going to save us a lot of calories!! But then we realized that its called bulemia and its bad.

5 years ago…

I was 19. I was just returning to BYU for my second year of college. I was living with my bestie Adrienne with our crazy roommate who wore gloves all the time and never wore the same pair of underwear twice. This is me and Adrienne’s friends (from Kansas) at our apartment having lasagna. Adrienne is taking the picture.

5 months ago…

Jazz and I had were in the midst of wedding plans. I was trying to finish up my last semester at BYU, get a zillion invitations out, and plan/take a trip to Europe with my mom and dad. I took all my finals early and left, skipping graduation and everything. It was awesome, I highly recommend it. Except I would recommend taking your fiance with you because ten days with no phone and barely any internet is absolute torture when you have just found the person you want to be with forever.

5 things on my To Do List tomorrow:

1. Hang out with my mom. Shes coming from CA today with Sabs and I’m excited to play hostess
2. Sleep in.
3. Visit this store and take my mom. It is the most fun store ever and I know my mom is going to freak.
4. Try to finish writing thank you notes. But I know I’m not going to do it.
5. Laundry? I don’t know, its a holiday so I kind of don’t want to do anything.

5 things people don’t know about me:

1. I am a little OCD about cleaning. I regularly take q-tips to the kitchen sink.
2. I cry everyday. Every single day. Not sad cries, but really happy cries and funny ones too. Jazz is used to it now.
3. I hate being wakened (awakened?) from naps. Just let me sleep.
4. I am afraid of cats. And by afraid, I mean I just hate them.
5. Sometimes, maple bars take over my life.

5 bad habits:

1. I pop all of my joints. Including my elbows.
2. I bite my lip when I am stressed or nervous.
3. I buy people magazine and keep up on celeb crap
4. I don’t work out nearly as often as I should.
5. Sometimes I speed.

5 places I have lived:

1. Sandy, UT
2. Provo, UT
3. Redding, CA
4. Scottsdale, AZ
5. St. Paul, MN

5 people to tag

I’m tagging all my friends/fam who DON’T have blogs. Morgan, Leigh, Mex, Rachel and JaNae. GET A BLOG. this can be your very first post.

3 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged.

  1. I recognize that pic of JaNae and Scott. I forgot about “The Circle” prom. Good call on the request for new blogs. I need more people to monitor.


  2. i’ve blogged on myspace for your viewing pleasure


  3. 1 neat thing about me: 1. I will never get a blog.I think that’s enough.


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