This morning when I got in my car at 7:32 (a tad late) my temperature gauge read 57 degrees. 57! That is only 25 degrees away from freezing! I actually turned my heater on my toesies while I drove to work. I know its still August, and I know I am just getting my hopes up and they will likely be smashed by 95 degree weather today but—

Fall is coming. Fall is my favorite time of the year. The leaves change from bright green to soothing browns and reds and oranges and then they fall to the ground. I like the crackly sound they make when I stomp on them on my way to school. It gets all crispy in the morning so when you open your front door, you take in a big breath because it feels good. It makes me want to go running even though I despise it.

Soon I can pull out my favorite hoodies- my long-lost best friends that have been hibernating together for the last five months. I miss the cuddly softness all wrapped around me, I love the long sleeves. This is just my opinion, but there is nothing more comfortable to wear than a favorite pair of worn in jeans and an over sized sweatshirt stolen from my husband.

This means I can make soups and bake warm breads and heat up hot cocoa like my mom used to do for me. I can get out my halloween crap and make the house all spooky and festive. I can start getting excited for Christmas shopping and spending the holidays at my parents house with my whole family.

I love fall because it feels clean and fresh and new like a school year. It makes me want to glue felt and twigs and ribbon on a wreath for the front door. To get all crafty with sugar cookies and frosting and sprinkles. While I know I probably won’t do all of those things, its still exciting.

2 thoughts on “8/28/08

  1. ohhhhh! i heart fall! we totally need to plan an outing to gardner village!!! you will totally love it!


  2. (dayton wore pants to school this morning…it was so cooooold!)


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