Wedding Update: Part One

So I have a confession. I have kind of been procrastinating updating the blog because I have so much fun stuff to talk about. How do I summarize the best three weeks ever!? I’m gonna break it down and talk about the actual wedding first.

The day of the wedding was absolutely perfect. I could not have asked for a more beautiful day. We had to coordinate arriving at Noah’s so that Jazz and I wouldn’t run into each other. The ceremony was short and sweet- it all just went by so quickly! Walking down the aisle with my dad was a special moment. I felt so shiny and happy- I was totally happy with my dress and hair, everything came together just perfectly. I will never forget seeing Jazz’s face as I came outside and walked towards him. No kind of distraction could have interrupted that eye contact! The bishop said some really nice things, and before I knew it we were exchanging rings and being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Sorensen!

The reception was lovely. The food was delicious, the decor was really nice, and it was awesome to see all of our family and friends who came to support us. The cake that Morgan made was freaking so tasty- it was so so good. I wanted to eat all of it. One of my favorite moments of the night was dancing with my dad. The song was perfect for us- and I know I will cherish that dance forever. I really loved introducing everyone to Jazz and it was really nice to meet his friends and family.

As things were winding down, I just couldn’t believe how fast the day had come and gone. I was so tired from the whole day I could barely stand up. Jazz helped me into the car and we drove away! As we got about fifteen minutes towards Salt Lake, Jazz said, “I’m really impressed Mic, you packed so light!” Thinking in my mind about the giant suitcase I had loaded into my car that morning I replied, “um…no I didn’t. We are missing my suitcase.” We laughed and turned around and went back to pick up all my stuff.

And now- I have a husband! How weird is that? Sometimes I still say “boyfriend” accidentally, and I have to correct myself. I wouldn’t change anything about our wedding day, I think it was perfect!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Update: Part One

  1. What I got to experience of that day was indeed perfect! Perfect weather, perfect ceremony, perfect food, perfect dancing tunes, perfect company, and perfectly adorable couple! Congratulations again!


  2. It was such a fun day!! My girls were inamoured with watching you the whole time! They loved being in the bridal room with you before the big event and loved playing a special little role in your big day! Dayton wouldn’t detach himself from Jazz prior to the ceremony and they all couldn’t wait to dance! It was such a blast and I absolutely loved seeing the two of you so happy! You looked even more beautiful than usual (which I think would be super tough to pull off!) and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was so see my little brother in his glory with his new wife!You guys are the best! Thank you for letting us be part of your amazing and most perfect day!!I love you both to pieces and am so happy for you!!!


  3. That is so awesome! It IS crazy how fast your wedding day goes by. Ours felt long… but then I look back and it flew by! WEddings are fun… but the after part is the real road to be excited for! Congrats!


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