Still counting down….

Check out the counter at the bottom of the page. Fifteen days left! Holy crap! Today I had my run through hair appointment- I took in a few magazine pages that I liked and this girl was totally amazing. Her name is Natalie and she works at Suggestions Salon in Orem. She totally whipped up this creation that was PERFECT and is going to look great on the big day. As a bonus- I had another dress fitting afterwards so I got to see my hair and dress all together. It was one of those really awesome happy excited can’t wait moments.

Our trip to Maui was super fun. Thats me and Mo and Sabs at our fav restaurant- The Hula Grill. It was warm and sunny but the whole time I was counting down the minutes until I returned to Utah. We did a lot of reading and swimming- but mostly we played Settlers of Catan. Thats right, I actually packed Catan in my suitcase and basically we played around the clock.

What is that you might say? Its Fluffs in a tuxedo, looking all fancy. I wish we could have him in our apartment here in Utah, but we can’t have pets. Maybe someday though. He does love to be fancy. He is so freaking cute in his little tux tails, I had to take some pictures.

Also- So You Think You Can Dance is back on and I have seriously missed it. We are watching it right now and Morgan is making fun of me for blogging about it- but I don’t care. Its that good. My money is on the 18 year-old black ballet/everything dancer. He was amazing.

Me and Mo are on Bootie Boot Camp for the next two weeks to make a final push for wedding weekend. We hiked the Y yesterday which made me feel like I was gonna barf or collapse or lung or something. Today we hiked some random trails and tomorrow we are headed to the stadium for an intense stair climbing workout. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. Right? Wrong. I miss rice krispy treats.

3 thoughts on “Still counting down….

  1. You are adorable! Reading about your excitement makes me way excited too!! I can’t wait for the wedding. It’s gonna be great!


  2. holy two week countdown! i’m excited for you guys. mike finally went to get fitted for his tux today and i’m still on the prowl for shoes for the girls. you need to tell me what the heck i should do with the girls hair! i’m glad you got yours all fixed up and ready for the big day! the weather has been beautiful so all should be PERFECT for the big day!!


  3. I love your blog so much!!!! Even though I’m not in Utah w/ you I can still get a taste of the wonderful Miccolene-personality that I love!!! I am so ridiculously excited for you!! You are gonna be married in less than 2 weeks!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! I bet u are giddy with excitement!!! Yay for you becoming a Sorenson!!!BTW my money is also on William (black everything dancer) and my old teachers are judges on the show tommorrow!!! Look for Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo!! They are so bomb and I love them!! They also have a funny show on TLC called rock the reception that is so fun!


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