wedding stuff and more wedding stuff!

Our plans are coming along so well! We have both been working so hard to get everything set for the wedding. Jazz is so busy with work, he has been so sweet to come with me to photographer and catering meetings. We have definitely made some progress! We have our venue, catering, decorating, photographer, flowers, and engagement pics all set to go. The major things are all decided, now we are just hammering out the details.

I am excited because tomorrow my bridesmaids are coming with me to shop for a dress! All except my sister Sabrina, she is in London for a semester abroad and is greatly missed. We have appointments in Salt Lake at some different bridal shops to look at gowns and kind of figure out what I want to wear. This is like every girl’s dream, and I just want to find the perfect dress so I can see Jazzy’s jaw drop when I am walking down the aisle.

We are also going to California in a few weeks to have our engagement pictures taken in the sunshine. It is just too snowy and bleak here- plus we want to see my parents and talk about everything with them. I haven’t seen them since Christmas and I am so looking forward to getting home.

I was thinking about this time last year, when I had first met Jazz. We had just started dating in the begining and February, and were pretty much inseperable. In my journal on March 5th I wrote “Well, I’m definitely in love with him. I hate being away from him. I could just stay with him in Salt Lake forever. When we are apart we are constantly talking, figuring out when we can get together again. Its so nice to be needed. Its nice to talk to someone who genuinely wants to know how my day was. I love taking care of him, I just want to share everything with him.”

I am so excited to get married- I feel so lucky to have found someone who takes care of me and loves me unconditionally. Soon I will be able to stay with him in Salt Lake forever and I can’t wait. June 14th just can’t come fast enough!

1 thought on “wedding stuff and more wedding stuff!

  1. Aw Mic! I am so glad that things are coming together for you guys. I loved reading your journal entry…just hard to believe it’s about my little Jazzy! We are all very excited for both of you and love hearing all about your big day!


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