It’s Official!!!

We have set our date- June 14th will be the Sorensen-Sumsion Wedding here in Utah. Check out the little countdown feature Jazz added to the bottom of the page. I am so excited I can hardly wait– and the planning is already keeping me very busy. Jazz has been very helpful in finding great resources for the wedding. Four months from today exactly! Mark those calendars….

4 thoughts on “It’s Official!!!

  1. The date is locked into our calendars! Please let me know what we can help you with as you pull all of the details together! Mention the Pine Barn to Jazzy for the PA festivities but you’ll want to bust a move as people back East are engaged for years and reserve their venues far in advance! We still want to see ‘the rock’! Hope things are well with you, school and work! Have a fun weekend!!! xxox bv


  2. Congrats Jazzy and Micci! You are both lucky to have one another and I’m excited for you guys.


  3. Congrats Micci & Jazz!We’re all looking forward to meeting you Micci, & celebrating your marriage in August.We wish you much happiness as you plan your life together.Love from all your Pennsylvania “kinfolk”


  4. I wish you both all the best, it seems like Micci knows what a great guy she has!!! I am so happy that you both found each other.


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