Rock Band Camp

Linc has been taking guitar lessons for almost a year (Novemberish?). I love his guitar teacher, he totally speaks Lincoln’s language and plus he comes to my HOUSE for lessons each week. In July he did a band camp with a couple other kids- a drummer and another guitar player- and at the end of the week they had a little set for us to come and watch.

I need to find the video and upload it so it can be saved forever because it was epic. It’s so Lincoln, I was smiling so hard I could hardly hold the camera steady. Lincoln practices his guitar every day, even when he doesn’t want to and I make him do it anyway. Slowly but surely he can see that he is getting better, learning new things, has a whole list of songs and riffs he can play.

Guitar is out of my wheelhouse so it’s hard for me to “help him.” I’m impressed with his little brain and really thankful for this good teacher showing him the ways of AC/DC, Ozzy, the Beatles, lol. It’s pretty great. He has it all set up through this cool App so Linc can get all of his music digitally, play it fast or slow, repeat certain parts. It’s great. I really hope Lincoln sticks with this long term! It sure suits his personality.

Anyway, the set was so awesome they did it twice, all the parents were just dying over the cuteness of the whole situation. I could tell he was a little bit nervous which is unlike Linc. I linked the videos at the bottom, the second one is a better clip of Linc doin his thang.

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