Camping with Grandpa

Usually at some point during the summer, I wave a white flag and have to get out of town for a few days. The heat is miserable for me, and this year was like LEVEL NINE HUNDRED. I’m too pregnant to get very far- so Grandpa offered to take us up to Lassen for a few days in the trailer, and it was so much fun! Camping, but with air conditioning and beds.

Two seconds after we pulled in, Linc made a friend named Logan and he hung with us pretty much for the duration of the trip, lol. It was kind of smoky up there, but so much cooler, the Dixie Fire was burning (and would get so much worse after we left.) We played corn hole and cards and at a bunch of tasty food. We hiked around Lassen, did a big loop at Lake Almanor, and the kids rode their bikes around the campground.

Linc slept in this tiny little loft and it was so funny, he would pop his head down like a possum from the ceiling. Made me laugh.

I just want to remember how cute my Dad was on this trip. He is always so cute and thoughtful, but this whole RV thing is another level. He has stocked this thing totally full of anything you could possibly need on a camping trip. Tons of blankets, pillows, little organizers, a freezer full of popsicles and ice cream bars. He was so cute and helpful and so excited to take us out. The kids had so much fun having a real sleepover in the trailer.

Last hurrah before baby girl joins the party.

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