March 2021

March! Another regular month of family life! No trips or celebrations, just day to day stuff. And growing a human, which feels kind of important too.

ALSO. Chic Fil A finally opened. DREAMS DO COME TRUE! Everyone went to school and I did a breakfast order pickup and sat in my car in silence and ate my breakfast sandwich in peace and it was one of the best days ever. Since then we have frequented occasionally… basically once a week until I got the “diabeetus” and such tasty offerings are out of my range. We’ve got Home Goods and CFA, now we need to lobby for a Nordstrom Rack.

March is another glorious month of weather in California. I say that now as we are locked in the worst smokey fire season and nothing but triple digits in the forecast. I really hate summer here, but spring is awesome. Baseball started back up- after the 2020 season was completely cancelled, we had some catching up to do. Super thankful for Coach Dan, he’s been coaching the boys for five years in various sports and we just really love him.

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