March 2020

When the world shut down.

I remember Sabrina texted us to tell us that her school had officially shut down because of some weird global virus and I was like LOL WHAT. That is the weirdest thing ever, they are being really conservative. And then a week or so later, Shasta County followed suit. I had no idea what the next year would be like! Sheesh.

Well, We played outside a lot. We baked. We painted. We did chalk art. We had church at home for the first time ever in my entire life. We watched movies and took naps. We did our home school. Had to make a schedule so we didn’t go crazy. Felt so weird not to be at stores or out in public really at all.

Truthfully, most of March was spent dealing with a lice incident. I thought we were so lucky to skip out on lice and that we had passed through the most contagious years. WRONG. You can see both the boys got their hair buzzed pretty short- that was a necessity. I cried when Jazz cut Thatcher’s ginger fluff off! We spent hours and hours and days and days combing through Isabelle’s long thick hair. It took weeks to finally resolve. I think I have ptsd from it honestly, it really was one of the more awful parenting experiences. But we survived! And we know what to do next time! And thankfully I didn’t get it. Makes me teary to think about but JaNae helped me so much, going through the tiniest sections of Izzie’s hair and showing me what to do. Iz was a trooper and sat still and patient for hours on end. Molly our hair gal brought me shampoo and lice treatments. It was horrible and I hope we never have to deal with it again. Can’t all be rainbow and sunshine, you know?

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