February 2020

February 2020, our last month of normal before the world came to a halt.

General Valentine’s festivities. Linc wore a tie to school “for the ladies.”

We hiked up Whiskeytown Falls and no one cried so that was a win.

I selected all the interior doors for the house. Siding went up. I started to filter through, get rid of or sell stuff in anticipation of our move.

February always has a random week off, like President’s Week or something? Throws me EVERYTIME because we just get back into the swing of things from Christmas Break and then bam we are home again. We went down to Sac with our friends for a day at the Train Museum, lunch, and then an afternoon at a super fun park.

Isabelle was chosen to as her school’s student of the month sponsored by the Elk’s Lodge. She got a special luncheon with an award presentation, it was very special! This is what her teacher wrote: “Isabelle has a calm demeanor and a warm heart. She works hard to achieve in her studies and is always eager to tutor other students in a pleasant, non-judgmental way. She has been a group leader all year. She brings any classmate along with her and helps them in every way she is able. ” I am such a proud mom! She is SO many good things and it felt so wonderful for that to be recognized.

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