la segunda parte

Going anywhere with all of us definitely turns heads- you can hear us coming before you see us and then there are a LOT of us, and we are outnumbered by children 2:1. We really like this resort but they make it kind of hard to find food! Some things aren’t open daily, some don’t open until 8 pm, some are only open for breakfast. We spent a solid hour trekking to different restaurants around the resort and ended up back at our hotel. At the beginning of the week we did a big grocery run (well the men did. It helps that the boys both speak spanish). We love having a kitchen for breakfast and lunch and even cooked a lot of our dinners there too- it’s just easier with kids! A lot of pb and j’s. Chips and Salsa. Although I really did miss sharing a room with Morgan and JR, we bunked with them last year and JR cooked all kinds of tasty things for us. His quesadilla hack changed my life.

The whole crew!
The girls LOVE to have their hair braided for the week. Easy for swimming!


braided beauties. Antonia is the hair artist that works on the beach and we find her every year.


lol this van ride was so hilarious
little parakeet at the market


Lizard! I mean, huge iguana
for his graduation slideshow
I love these kids!


Thatcher looooves Grandpa


he makes the best faces
our sweet friend Blanca, we see her every year and she makes time to come and find us.


pottery painting day


Izzie did these cute S and P shakers as a baby gift for Morgan, how cute is that
I can’t remember if I explained how we met Blanca but it’s a sweet story. She works so hard for her family- she’s a single mom and works long hours. She won the top award for her position last year across all of the Vidante resorts down there- she’s amazing! She’s so sweet, loves to see the kids too. I don’t speak Spanish and she doesn’t speak English, and we keep in touch on facebook during the year. One of the highlights of our trip. 
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