california snow day

I don’t even know what to post first. These will likely be out of order and embarrassingly old but better late than never.

We woke up one February morning to snow. More snow on the ground in Redding than I have seen in all my winters here! The kids were SO excited. Our power was out and school was cancelled for the day. Kind of fun!  (This is the part where the narrator would say “But it wasn’t fun, not fun at all three days later when they still didn’t have power.”)

We pulled out our snow bin and played in the snow all morning. Kids made snow angels and snowmen and threw snow balls at us… The street was sooo quiet, no traffic.. plus the dampening effect of snow. It was really magical- I can’t remember any other time that this has every happened. Thatcher was like semi- into it, mostly excited to wear “gubs” on his hands and tromp around in his rain boots.

So here’s the thing though- our little city is not equipped for snow. All of our roads were completely shut down, half the city lost power, school was cancelled the rest of the week. We absolutely can not deal. The biggest problem was that our trees are not the type of load-bearing trees that can handle the weight of snow. So all over town, trees fell, branches went through roofs (kinda feel like that should be rooves), huge trunks were uprooted into roads and neighborhoods. We were out of power from Wednesday to Saturday! Luckily, we stayed with my mom and dad which the kids thought was so fun and special- but we lost alllll the food in our fridge and freezers. Bummer. I just kept thinking our power would be back on any minute… and it wasn’t.

Anyway, the snow melted and the power was restored and the next week we had off for like President’s week? This is a new thing here? A full five days off in February, then Spring Break in April. Throw in the snow days we missed and we will probably be in school until July.


morning surprise
Look how much!


Let it be known, dad is the designated snow ball roller
snack break


Linc’s creation


this about sums him up


excellent form
out front- no cars!
hot chocolate stache
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