other half of soggy disney

More photos. Aren’t we thankful for our iphones? I used to drag my big camera around everywhere and yes, the pictures are better from a DSLR but my hands are too full now to have one more thing to carry! Always worried about leaving it in the stroller, in bad weather, etc. So easy now to use your phone for basically everything. We used the Disney ap to order food, check wait times, get our fast passes, see what characters were out, check the showtimes, etc. So easy.

Some things I want to remember about this trip: Isabelle loved the big rides! Doing Star Tours, Thunder and Incredicoaster, I think she even did Space Mountain with me. She also loves the cartoon sketching session over at the Animation Room at DCA. She could do that every day!

Lincoln’s favorite ride was Splash Mountain- he rode it so many times a row we had to wring out his clothes. Stick Lincoln with a buddy, and he is good to go. Linc is silly and funny and does not stop talking! He loved the Launch Bay because there were legos and two xbox systems set up in there. Eye roll. Also, when he’s done, he’s done. He does not experience the FOMO that some of us get when we go back to the hotel before the others.

Thatcher was just happy doing anything. Rides, eating snacks, running amok in the rain. His favorite rides were Dumbo, the Carousel, and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. He wore these tiny red rain boots that used to be Lincoln’s… plus that little yellow Mickey Mouse rain jacket. Add his ginger hair and his big smile and KILL ME. Bless him, he napped every day in the stroller so we could power through the night and play.

Disney will always been one of my favorite places on earth- even if it’s wet and soggy, even if it’s super busy or hot or crowded- it is ALWAYS fun. Our passes have now expired and now we are “out of the circle of trust” as my dad would say. I’ve been following the madness that is coming for Star Wars Land and we are gonna go ahead and let that simmer for awhile before we attempt to visit. I can’t imagine how crazy those first few months will be there- some of the rides are reservation only! Like, in advance before you even get there! Yikes. Anyway, this was a super fun trip and so great mid-January when we had the winter break/post Christmas blues.

Day 3, bright and early!
calls this the “neigh” ride
Always doing art
so happy


When you need to sit but don’t want to use the wet ground


Thought Dumbo would be semi dry. We were drenched.
We all fit!
Just need to put on record I did beat Jazz.


14th time? 15th?


366 days apart
lol Lincon’s face.


pure joy.


our crew! without ponchos, lol
The splash group!
Diehard- fell asleep ON mermaid
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