My goal is to be caught up by the end of February. That’s all of Christmas, Disney trip, Lincoln’s birthday, etc. If I say it on here then I have to do it, so end of February it is.

Our thanksgiving gathering was really wonderful, as far as I can remember. I mean it was several months ago and that is asking a lot for my brain to retain. We had Scott’s family and Sean’s family plus Sab’s fam! Plus us and mom and dad. We were missing Morgan and her fam- Texas is too far and I hate that. Mom cooked a huge feast, I think I contributed the sweet potatoes and some cookies. Dad did the turkey and the stuffing- and mom did her orange rolls. I could eat those everyday the rest of my life and not get tired of them… think cinnamon roll style but orange, fresh orange zest and frosting.

We watched the parade in the morning, headed to mom’s after naps, did dinner and then the annual bingo game.


upgraded to the big table!
Now I’m sad I don’t have this.


Aggressive cookie bite


Quinn was cracking us all up. We were teaching them how to play Zoolaretto, and she was “not peeking.”


The weekend after Thanksgiving, my Aunt and Uncle Chipman came to visit with their son Zach and his family. They are the ones we always meet in Disneyland- they used to feed me on Sundays when I was going to BYU. Some of my best memories are at their house- actually Jazz proposed to me in their kitchen! We love them so much- I think I’ve mentioned before that Kerry is suffering from a really aggressive brain tumor and we were SO HAPPY to see them for a few days- we had gorgeous weather and tons of good food and the kids played for hours. Right before they left we gathered everyone for a quick picture and I’m so glad we did!


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