november at a glance

Let’s just start with November. Also sometime’s when I’m typing these things out I instinctively think of emojis because I’m used to my phone and they can be useful. So I typed “lets just start with november” and then thought I would insert the emoji with the face that’s like sort of yikes? sideways mouth kind of open? The yikes emoji. You know the one. Anyway.

November is why we live in California. When it is 118 degrees in August, we dream of the gorgeous blue skies that exist November-February (minus some rain, but in general, tshirt weather.)

Thatcher is in his prime “sidekick years”…those toddler years before preschool where you just get a really cute buddy to do everything with. I think about the time with Izzie before Lincoln was born… and then the extra time I had with Lincoln before Thatcher was born. It’s the best! Thatch is equal parts insanely cute and also constantly busy. I took a four minute shower the other day and left a show on for him and when I got out he had eaten eight pieces of gum, turned the sink faucet on, dumped out a bunch of dog food, and found Isabelle’s stash of beads. He is so tiny but is a nimble little elf.


tiniest bum
Lincoln is 100% falling off of the swing. 


We made Max a thankful pumpkin.  Also can you see everything burned behind there. 
“Me sit!”
Must touch every electrical box, phone line thing, community mailbox, etc.

We had friends giving at some point with some of our closest pals. We’ve been doing this for several years now and I think between the four families we have 15 children. Extra credit to the Pagans for hosting all of us! And also having two thanksgivings is really great I highly recommend it.



future choir member.

Thatcher falls asleep a lot. Several times a week I carefully unbuckle his lil body, sneak into the house, lay him down in his bed, change his diaper and zip up his sleep sack. And I usually snap a picture and hold him an extra minute because some time it will be the last time he sleeps on my shoulder with his little legs tucked under his bum and the thought of that just breaks my heart.


fell asleep on the floor one day. I was trying to keep him up. It failed.

Izzie is getting old enough to be helpful! She’s actually been helpful for a long, long time… but she really likes to help me cook or bake things. We made some peanut butter blossoms for thanksgiving.

also if you don’t have a turbie twist towel you are really missing out.
And then as ladies do, we got our nails done. Doesn’t she look like shes 14.
She also loves to pick out her lip color on Sundays. Shes very particular about her outfit and what we do with her hair and stuff. It’s cute, I love having a daughter.
back outside again, crunchy leaves.
Not even our mailbox but still excited
We are reading HP 5 together. 


one more sleeping one because look at his lil face
Here’s our empty lot. Super soggy.
Izzie had her piano recital end of November. She’s making good progress and I’m really proud of her. She really loves when I correct her timing. Eye roll emoji.





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