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Alright, it’s time for the annual disney dump of photos! I think this was our most epic trip yet- we spent more time in the park than ever, got in early, stayed as late as we could. Five full days of fun and by the time we got home I could barely stand up, we were all SO tired. Halloween time is just the best time to be at Disneyland.

Lots of people ask me tips on Disneyland, especially Disneyland with kids. I have pages of notes on this topic, and if you really want all the info just message me and I’ll send you a bunch of stuff. Here are my top three tips-

  1. Get there early. Like 45-60 minutes before opening. It is worth it. Your kids will be awake anyway, so hustle up and get walking. We tried to leave the hotel by 7:30… Security takes awhile to get through, and if you can queue up for Fantasyland early, you are in good shape. We always stay within walking distance just for this reason- parking and the tram ride will absolutely kill you.
  2. Pack in your lunch/snacks. We pack sandwiches, fruit, snacks, drinks, most everything we will need in an ice chest bag under the stroller. It is extremely convenient to just find a spot to sit and eat, rather than run and get food, keep kids entertained, then feed them park food they may or may not eat. Also, it’s pretty pricey.
  3. Work the system. Invest in a MaxPass, get your fast passes lined up. Hit Fantasyland before it’s busy… check the wait times, schedule which shows you want to see, double check to see when Fireworks are happening. This one is important- go to the park where magic morning is NOT offered. Every morning, either Disneyland or CA Adventure has a magic morning where people with special tickets can get in an hour early. This will fill up that park, we always go to the OPPOSITE park where that is happening and crowds are much better.

Every time we go, the kids are a little bit older and something else becomes their favorite. This trip- Thatcher LOVED cars land and the life size Lightning and Mater cars. Isabelle did the Incredicoaster for the first time and went upside down! Linc did Grizzly Rapids over and over until he was soaking wet. Pretty sure he did the Dab on Splash Mountain, too.

ten hours in the car- happy kids
fireworks from our hotel room!
my favorite part of the day is first thing in the morning
always with accessories
these girls are ready to take off on their own!
my lil ginger
Thatcher can’t stop staring
Of course Grandma brings shades and ‘staches


My mini me.
More from Grandma…
happiest kid
Day one!
Did someone say matching shirts

When we found out everyone was coming, of course I thought about matching shirts. And we pulled it off! The poor lady on etsy worked so hard to get all of them ready in time, bless her. Actually matching shirts are kind of awesome- you can always find people from your group and it’s easy to stick together! 29 of us made the trip, plus always Max makes 30. 12 adults, 18 children under the age of ten.

our fav!
The face you make when you aren’t tall enough for Racers
first time on Mater
bunch o cousins
We are only 16 months apart, and she’s always been the nice one.
Grandmaaaaa. (those freckles though!)
All their grands
bffffffs. How cute are they with their matching necklaces and ears and smiles.
This was fun
I love parades. the tiny hand waving
just the best people ever


Baylor’s first time on Thunder!


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