house update

SO. There are like nine thousand steps when you build a house. We are on like, step five. We finished our plans with the engineer tweaking the floorplan to fit our needs a little bit more. We needed a front room kind of like an office but for the harp and piano… we wanted the pantry a little bit bigger, the breakfast nook changed a little bit. We got rid of the master bathroom tub (GASP) because I’m tired of cleaning the big one we already have. Lots of little things like that. It’s been a huge undertaking for Jeremy and turned out much more complicated than we intended!

Anyway, that part is finished. We met with the general contractor again a couple weeks ago to finalize details and he officially submitted our plans to the city on September 12th- we should hear back in 4-6 weeks. They will have some changes for us to make and we can resubmit… hopefully then we can get our building permit! Once we get that little piece of paper, we are aiming to break ground in November? ish? Probably be finished around summertime? I am SO EXCITED about this process, I just never thought this was a possibility and it still feels unreal that we are moving forward. Also I need a hashtag for this project and I can’t think of anything creative. Any suggestions.

It’s a rambler plan- everything is on one level except a loft playroom. I think this will be one of our favorite features of the whole house! Sort of doing craftsman style with farmhouse details… Gray exterior and white trim. It has a sizable pantry for our family costco runs, a big island with an apron farmhouse sink. Wood beams in the great room and french doors to the porch. Just typing this out makes me giddy. I’m worried I’ll make mistakes, I’ll chose the wrong paint color or I’ll hate some design choice and then have to live with it forever. Let’s be honest- I WILL make mistakes, there WILL be something I wish I could change… and I think that’s just how it is with a big project. All the good will outweigh that! Maybe what I am most excited about is living in a cul-de-sac across from our best friends. A safe street for our kids, people we love, friends to play with. Hopefully late summer nights and bike rides and bbqs and babysitting each other’s kids. I mean, I don’t think we could have planned it better if we tried.

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