to the nurse

It’s National Nurses Week
To the nurse that was scheduled for a shift on the morning of April 24th, 2014.
The nurse that sat by me in a cold OR and passed me tissues as my baby was being born.
To the nurse that handed me a pink-faced, chubby newborn and facilitated those precious few minutes together.
To the nurse that noticed his color was off, transported him to the NICU, and called a code blue.
To all the nurses who worked on my son, who executed every resuscitation protocol. Who pushed medicine and helped administer CPR for many, many minutes.
To the nurse that clutched my hand and prayed while we waited.
And for the nurse that stood outside of my door until it was time.
For all the nurses that shed tears in the hallway.
To that NICU nurse who had to unhook tiny cords and stickers from his little soft body. Who switched off all the machines and monitors. Who went to some special cupboard in the back somewhere and found a gown big enough for my nine pound chunk.
To the nurse that carefully dressed Max. Put a little hat on him, and wrapped him in a double swaddle to keep his warmth.
To the nurse that wheeled his tiny bassinet down the hall, around the corner, into my room and watched my soul crumble.
To the nurse that then handed me a little piece of heaven.
To the nurse that stayed on top of my medicine. Who sat me up when I couldn’t do it myself. Who answered my questions and probably desperately wished her day had gone differently.
To the nurse that got a quieter, more private room for us. Who brought us food and drinks.
And to the nurse that was called into that room late that night, walked over to my bed, and patiently waited while I gathered the strength to hand my baby over to her.
To the nurses that took turns holding Max throughout the night when I couldn’t do it anymore.
To all of the nurses who had the worst days of their career that day.
I don’t remember some of your names. I don’t know what your life is like or where you went to school or what kind of family you went home to that night. But I will never, ever forget the incredible kindness we were shown in that hospital on that day and many days that followed. It did not go unnoticed, and I owe each of you a debt that I can not repay. I think of you often and I know you were hand picked for me that day. Thank you especially this week and always. You are saints.

2 thoughts on “to the nurse

  1. Oh Micci. This is so beautiful.


  2. Beautiful!Kim Bradley FinchChattahoochee, FL


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